Police Detective Badge

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Bust Out the BadgeThe best part of having a badge is you can bust it out for all kinds of perks


It's very shiny, and will likely inspire respect when whipped out!Badge AddageYou may have a uniform and title but without a badge, you are nothing! Trust us, once you flash this emblem, criminals will stop in the name of the law, but probably not love

Need to investigate something but they won't let you past the tape Flas ha badge.You don rsquo t want to end up like those folks who don't have a badge

Need to nbsp get into the club without waiting in line Flash a badge

So, grab your vest, hat, badge, and maybe the occasional doughnut, because you are only human, after all, and go be somebody rsquo s hero! But remember the old Spidey training that with great power comes great responsibility, so don't use this badge for evil, pranks, or anything that would be wrong! Keep it cool, and have fun.

They're not getting into any investigations! Not only do the bad guys get away, but your Captain is less than thrilled with you, to say the least hellip To ensure that you never find yourself in this awkward situation, take our advice, and get yourself a badge or two or three. nbsp You know, for back up.Product DetailsThis silver badge is molded to look exceptionally nbsp authentic and is even put on a handy necklace piece to wear around your neck

Tired of not getting something for free Flash a badge